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North Charleston Entrepreneur Adds Lice Treatment to Business Portfolio

Serial entrepreneur opens a new treatment center that provides guaranteed, same-day lice treatments using the AirAllé, an FDA-cleared medical device.

North Charleston, South Carolina

Joe Hinkley owns a real estate business, an IT services company, and volunteers for Habitat for Humanity all over the world, and when his business partner’s daughter couldn’t beat head lice, his business mind went into action.

“My business partner told me he had to take his daughter to a lice clinic for a treatment,” Joe said. “I had never heard of such a thing so I Googled it.”

“The more I looked into the head lice treatment options, the more interested I became,” Joe said. “I was struck by just how big a problem this is. But the good news was that technology had finally caught up to the issue.”

Joe opened Lice Clinics of America – North Charleston ( to provide screening, diagnosis and treatment options for people infested with head lice. The clinic is staffed by certified operators of the AirAllé device, an FDA-cleared medical device that kills head lice and lice eggs (nits) in a single session using controlled heated air.

“With the incredibly busy lives active parents and children live today, the demand for a clinically proven, medically sound, FDA-cleared device is huge,” Joe said “The AirAllé gets everyone back to living their lives in a few short hours and is the fastest, safest, and most effective way to treat lice.”

The North Charleston clinic is located at 3640A Ashley Phosphate Road, and is open seven days per week, by appointment. AirAllé treatments take a little more than an hour and come with a 30-day guarantee when all family members are treated or screened for head lice.

With more than 300 clinics in 34 countries, Lice Clinics of America ( is the largest network of professional head-lice-treatment centers in the world. Lice Clinics of America and AirAllé ( are brands owned by Larada Sciences, Inc., which is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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